Ateneo Students Go Food Tripping in Kalibo

October 08, 2013
Paeng Evangelista

The Ateneans enrolled in the recent Ateneo Cultural Laboratory (ACL) discovered over the summer that the town of Kalibo situated in the heart of Aklan serves an authentic Akeanon food that goes hand in hand with the municipality’s rich history and tradition.

When the students explored Kalibo, Aklan, one of the aspects they examined minutely was the traditional food recipes and culture. The group discovered authentic Akeanon dishes, the ingredients they use, and their styles in cooking. An interesting fact they learned was that people in Aklan associate food with certain periods of the year.

The concept of “Paswer” which came from the word “Paswerte” is prevalent in every Akeanon  kitchen. It is the tradition of generations of families passing on a special food recipe. Also a recurring theme is their pride of place and the presence of chicken, fish and coconut milk (gata) in their cooking.

Some of the more popular dishes in Aklan include “Inubarang Manok” which is gata and puso ng saging, “Binakoe,” chicken cooked in a bamboo, “Tamilok” or wood worms, and “Paklay” or food served during wakes. The typical Akeanon menu is cooked mainly through steaming and grilling. They also observe traditional beliefs like eating rice cakes for closer family ties and avoiding chicken every new year in order to have an abundant year.

“As a group, we really learned the value of experiencing your local cuisines and understanding how this can be a point of value with regards to culture, education, and tourism,” a member of the group said.